Thursday, March 25, 2010

Organic Coupon Round-up

Here are a few organic printables to add to your binder:

**Remember when searching for organic/natural foods coupons that and are really starting to "step up to the plate" as more and more people are requesting them.  This week, has

and from Redplum here is:

Be sure and register with Stonyfield Organic to access 17 different printable coupons for yogurt.  PLUS -- if you purchase a lot of their products, you should sign up for the Stoneyfield Rewards program to earn free yogurt.  You will see the registration link after you're login from the link above.

My daughter loves Horizon Organic milk (actually, now that I think about it she probably just likes the cute cow on the logo).  But either way, be sure to register with Horizon Dairy to access their printable coupons.  (thank you, Savvy Saver)



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