Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Earning Extra Money From Home - Ispos Isay Surveys

In response to reader requests, we are starting a new weekly series on how to earn a little extra money from home.   In a world where there are so many companies trying to entice you to sign up for surveys and other "at home" opportunities only to bombard you with useless marketing information, we thought it would be great to try and wade through some of these offers and recommend the best ones for you to consider.

You are probably not going to get wealthy by completing surveys, but it is so nice to have a little extra income or gift cards to treat your family to a night out at a nice restaurant or save up for a getaway-- all with very little effort.

When you begin down the path of registering with survey companies, we highly recommend that you set up a free email account (through gmail , hotmail, yahoo etc.) so that your personal inbox does not become overcrowded.

The first survey company we'd like to share with you is ISPOS I-say

Just Click the box above to sign up.

With Ipsos-I-say, I usually receive 3-5  survey opportunities per week. At the end of each survey, I am awarded points which can be converted into gift cards, cash or charitable contributions.  The number of points awarded varies depending upon the length of the survey completed.

At the end of each survey (and in addition to the reward points you receive) you have the opportunity to play their fun "poll predictor game".  You are asked a question and your answer is based on how you think the majority of people responded to the same question. The closer you are to the correct answer determines how many chances you receive to be entered to win a weekly drawing -- you even get to choose which prize drawing you prefer to enter.

Also, Ispos has recently instituted a "loyalty program" that helps you earn points even faster.    You are awarded extra "loyalty points" based on the number of surveys you complete.

So, if you're interested in trying surveys, Ispos I-say is a great place to start!!

Click the box below to sign up and start earning points.




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