Monday, June 28, 2010

Amazon Kindle Price Drop

If you love to read, and you've been keeping your eye on the Amazon Kindle Reader like I have, but the price just seemed too steep  -- You will be pleased to know that Amazon has just lowered the price on Kindle to $189.00 with FREE 2 day shipping.

The more I read about this neat little gadget, the more I would love to have one.  It holds over 1500 books (which you can download in under 60 seconds) and weights just 10.2 ounces.  It even has 3G wireless so you can download your books directly from the Kindle device.   Can you imagine??

I think it's great that it even has an "anti-glare" screen so you have no trouble reading your books in bright light.
The best part is that Amazon offers tons of FREE books for download. PLUS -  Are you ready for this??

1.8 million FREE "Out of Copyright", pre- 1923 books are available for download
(This includes classics like Treasure Island & Pride and Prejudice)

 I'm a huge fan of Karen Kingsbury and Amazon is currently offering one of her books - "Even Now" for FREE Kindle download.  (thank you, Passion for Savings). The current title freebies vary, and I try to post links as I come across them.

In browsing through the books offered, I've found that even the download version of the best seller list is a much better value than purchasing the traditional books.

So, I'm saving my Swagbucks to cash in on a Kindle.  If you already have one, leave us a comment and let us know what you think!



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