Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Earn from Home - Part 4 - Mindfield Online Survey Panel

Welcome to Part 4 of our weekly overview of opportunities to earn a little extra money (or rewards) from home.  Last week we covered the Neilsen Homescan Panel here.  I just wanted to mention that if you have applied to be a Neilsen Homescan family in the past and have been declined due to your location - it would be worth a few minutes of your time to apply once again.  I received an email last week indicating that Neilsen has waived the zip code requirements.

Today we're looking at MindField Online Internet Panels.   Similar to the other survey companies we've previously highlighted (Ipsos-Isay and Toluna), Minefield is FREE to join and sends surveys directly to your email inbox several times per week. 

I've only been a member for about 2 weeks, but I've already received 4-5 survey opportunities.  There are two things that I am really impressed with about this company so far:

1.  They reward you with cash paid for surveys completed, and you are able to cash out with a minimum balance of just $5 in your account.  This prevents you from having to wait months to accumulate enough money to receive a tangible benefit.  This also eliminates the need to convert points to rewards.  You are simply paid for what you do.

2.  Each survey email clearly states the approximate length of time it will take you to complete the survey and the amount of money you will receive upon completion.

I'm excited to find Mindfield, and I can't wait to start earning some extra dollars!  So, if you're interested in earning cash for a few minutes of your time, be sure to check out MindField Online.



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