Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Printable Coupons for Magazines - Save $3.50 on Single Issues

We're going on vacation next week, and I"m starting to get everything together for our trip.  One of the things that I like to splurge on is a few magazines to read on the beach.  Since I inevitably want magazines that I don't subscribe to, I was excited to run across a few printable coupons that I can use to make even this little luxury more affordable.  Check these out:

This is one of my all time favorite magazines, and the covers are always so tempting when I'm in the check out line.  Here's a coupon for $1 off one issue of Southern Living Magazine.

Sunset looks like a great option to take to the beach and here's $1.50 off one issue of Sunset Magazine.

OK...I admit that there's not a lot of literary value in People Style Watch, but every now and then it's just plain fun.  Here's a $1 off Style Watch.

To find these coupons quickly, just click the "Books/Magazines" tab in the left corner of coupons.com.

What's your favorite beach magazine?



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