Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Earn from Home - ZoomPanel Surveys

It's Wednesday -- that means it's time to tell you about another opportunity to earn a few extra dollars (or other rewards) from the comfort of your own couch.  Last week we talked about Swagbucks, and I hope that everyone is well on their way to earning loads of free gift cards just for searching the internet.

In prior weeks we have highlighted trusted survey companies that offer rewards for completing online surveys -- mostly involving consumer products.  Today, we're going to shift back to the survey discussion and talk about ZoomPanel Surveys .

As a ZoomPanel member, you will earn ZoomPoints for each survey completed.  Your points are redeemable for a big selection of prizes including magazines, DVDs, electronics, jewelry and much more.  They even have the option of donating your points to various charitable organizations.

I typically receive 3-5 survey opportunities per week by email.  The emails tell me up front how many points I will receive for completing the survey and approximately how long it will take.

The ZoomPanel website is easy to navigate, and I can easily track points earned and see reward items grouped by category or those that I'm eligible to receive based on the number of points earned.

As we've mentioned before, please considering setting up a separate email address for your survey company registrations.  This keeps your regular email from becoming flooded with requests.

Check out ZoomPanel Surveys and let us know what you're going to save your points for!



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