Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning Moment of Reflection

Isn't it amazing how when God is trying to tell us something that it seems to be placed in front of us over and over and over. I love these moments when I know that He is trying to send me a message.

This month our church has been focusing on stewardship in preparation for our commitment for giving for next year. All you have to do is mention the word "stewardship" or "giving" and you can almost feel the tension in the air.... People just start squirming....and I admit it....I do too!!

Since I started this website and began sharing my efforts to save for our family, I have really been made more aware of where our money goes. And this of course leads me back to where it all comes from -- from God.

When God asks us to "tithe" and give back to Him, He's not asking for anything that He has not already provided. When I truly realized this, it was almost like a light came on for me ... It all belongs to HIM. What a joy and a privilege it is to give back.

We don't have to worry about meeting our budget and then -- if anything is left --give it back to God....We can joyfully give to God FIRST and then watch in awe and Thanksgiving as our needs are met!!

In church this month, we have been singing a chorus that has really touched my heart. I even heard Sarah (our 5 yr old) singing it around the house this week, and it just brought tears of joy to my eyes. We so want to teach her to place her value in things of God and not of this world.

Here's how it goes:

"Whatever I have or have not;
whatever I am or am not,
I can make it through anything now,
in the One who makes me who I am"



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