Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Earn from Home - Part 6 - SurveyHead

Welcome to Part 6 of our series on opportunities to earn a little extra money (or rewards) from home.  The past few weeks have been dedicated to reviewing reputable  survey companies that allow you to earn money or rewards by taking surveys online.  For a complete listing of the the previous survey recommendations click here.

Today we will continue looking at survey companies by focusing on SurveyHead.

I have been a member of their panel for several months, and I'm so pleased that they've recently updated the entire look of their website.  It is easier than ever to see what surveys are available, how long each one will take to complete, and the reward amount for each one.

Even their survey opportunity emails have been streamlined to give you a quick overview of the available survey

When you register with SurveyHead, you will automatically receive $5 credited to your account.  They keep track of your earnings and you can "cash out" with a minimum of $25 in your account.    Rewards include gift cards from Amazon, iTunes and other retailers OR you can have your earnings sent to your PayPal account.  They also offer the option of donating all or a  portion of your rewards to variety of great charitable organizations.

As always, if you decide to start participating in surveys, take a minute to set up a separate email address for this purpose. 

You can easily register with SurveyHead by clicking here or in the box above.



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